An underlying tenet at March Academy is that education should provide children with a compass to guide them and support their ability to find their way, rather than a single road map that everyone must follow.

For over 10 years, March Academy has worked to empower elementary aged students by helping them to understand how to find their way in a group learning environment. It challenges them and helps them grow, primarily by teaching students how to learn, while at the same time, helping them to respect and work with their peers.

March Academy celebrates individual difference, recognizes strengths and teaches students to use their strengths to be effective learners. Through high, reasonable expectations, by incorporating individual learning styles, by emphasizing the positive, and by teaching co-operation, we give each student a chance to shine and express their true potential.

For 15 years, March Academy has been serving children in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.  Teachers, trained and experienced in differentiated learning,  guide and support learners including those with diagnosed gifted or with learning disabilities such as language based learning disabilities, non-verbal disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and Aspergers Syndrome.  Please contact us now to discuss how March Academy can best meet the needs of your learner.