Recognizing the need for a school which provided an alternative for students not reaching their full potential, March Academy opened its doors to a small group of elementary students in 2003 in the basement of St. John’s Church in the far west end of Ottawa in Kanata, Ontario.   It has continued to date offering a solid alternative program for students in grades one to six by promoting academic upgrading or enrichment through a solid curriculum and the recognition of students’ abilities and the building of basic skills. In November 2006, March Academy benefited from the expansion at St. John’s Church and now boasts a larger, improved facility.

March Academy emphasizes stretching and challenging its students as well as developing their basic skills  through its varied curriculum. Recognizing that education is not just about acquiring knowledge, students will develop and expand their communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Music, arts, and physical activity are integral parts of a program that educates the whole child.

March Academy recognizes that some children are in need of extra attention or support. Through small class sizes, specialized programming and experienced teachers, March Academy provides the necessary setting and caring, professional attention to allow a child to achieve their true potential.