Does March Academy follow Ontario’s Ministry of Education guidelines?

Yes, March Academy uses Ontario Ministry Expectations as guiding principles in designing programs. However, students’ individual strengths and interests are also taken into consideration when planning units and themes.

What grades does March Academy offer?

March Academy offers grade one to grade six, with extended support to our graduating students during their transition to junior high school.  This year we are excited to announce a new initiative, ‘The Bridge Program’, for a small group of grade seven students, applying the March Academy philosophy to the grade seven program.

Is March Academy a secular educational institution?

March Academy offers non-denominational instruction. Students from all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome at our school.

Do students at March Academy wear a uniform?

Yes and no. Students are expected to purchase a vest and t-shirt with the official school crest upon enrollment and are encouraged to wear it to school every Monday morning and for special outings or visitors.

How big are class sizes at March Academy?

Class sizes vary depending upon the lessons being taught. Overall, the school operates with a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1:10. Students receive instruction within flexible multi-grade classes.

What are the advantages of multi-grade instruction?

Students benefit from working with peers of different ages and abilities. Their needs are addressed within a small group setting. Students progress at their own pace to meet their true potential. Education is seen as a cooperative, communicative, and supportive endeavour.

Does March Academy offer French language instruction?

Yes. Students receive regular French-language instruction in a multi-aged ability grouping. The instruction focuses primarily on conversational skills with some reading and writing instruction.

Does March Academy offer field trips or school outings?

Yes. Students participate in outings outside the classroom in support of the curriculum. Special visitors are also often engaged to further enrich a curriculum area.

What time does the school day at March Academy start and finish?

School starts at 8:45 a.m. and finishes at 3:30 a.m. Nutrition and recess breaks are paced throughout the day to optimize learning times.

Where do students go after they graduate from March Academy?

Upon graduation, students are supported during their transition to either public or other private schools based on parental choice.

Are there bursaries available to help offset tuition fees?

Some parents may be eligible to claim their child’s tuition as a medical expense on their personal income tax. Please consult with your accountant or other tax professional.