The following are letters from current and former parents and students of March Academy:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that [my daughter] did
extremely well adapting to [her new high school]. Coming from March Academy I was
nervous that she would be overwhelmed with the size of the student population
and so many other things due to being somewhat sheltered during her elementary
years. It turns out she did amazingly well. She has lots of friends. She is
loving school. She did very well academically and passed grade 7 with honours.
I have to credit you and your staff for the wonderful job you did preparing the
kids both socially and academically to enter grade 7! Math which was her
nemesis in grade 4 was her BEST subject for grade 7. She graded with high 90s
in it. I do miss the atmosphere of March Academy but I am so pleased to see my
daughter blossom and grow with her peer group.   Thank you so much for all you do! – March Academy parent

“Our son is now in his fourth year at March Academy. The support and guidance given by the teachers have played an important role in his educational and personal development. March Academy focuses on the growth of the child as a person, not just as a student. While the academic standards are high, we are also impressed with the emphasis on physical education, art and music. The multi-grade approach creates an environment in which everyone works together and respects one another. The teachers clearly care for the students and will go out of their way to help each child reach his or her full potential. We highly recommend March Academy to any parent looking for an alternative to the regular school system.” – March Academy parent

“The symbol for March Academy is the compass, this is what comes to mind when we think of our children’s relationship with this school.  Finding your way in this world can be made much easier if there is someone who is helping point you in the right direction, with the right tools.  We have had two of our children attend March Academy for independent reasons. Our daughter has graduated and is attending grade 8, where she is flourishing. March Academy understood her unique learning style needs which have helped her become more confident and successful.  Since starting March Academy our son has become less anxious and has gained great self esteem, which in turn has allowed him to improve his academic skills.  He has become a leader and enjoys going to school.  The curriculum and extra curricular activities really do work together to strengthen both mind, body, and soul. If you are reading this then you already have reason to believe that your child is not in the best environment, we have been there, and we can honestly say that March Academy’s competent, caring and focused staff have helped set all of us on the right path.” – March Academy parent

“The teaching programs at March Academy are fun and interactive and our 10 year old daughter has never enjoyed school as much as she does now. We find that we also have more free time on evenings and weekends since so many “extra” activities are included in the regular school day (yoga, tae kwon do, piano lessons, choir).” – March Academy parent “My son, started at March Academy 3 years ago.  In that time, I have watched him bloom.  He was a child who disliked going to school – until he came to March Academy.  He still tells me 3 years later that the day he started at March Academy was one of the happiest days of his life.  Now, in Grade 6, he is positively excelling.  He is reading beyond grade level. He does his homework on his own – without being pushed.  He is proud of himself and of his school. Sending my son to March Academy was the smartest thing his father and I have ever done.” – March Academy parent

“Switching to the March Academy has been a life changing experience for our family. Our son is again excited to attend school and passionate about learning. He is happy when he comes home, is academically snowballing and feels confidence in himself. School is now a safe place. He does not have to fear what major behaviour issues will erupt. And he knows he will be listened to and treated with respect and dignity. Small class sizes combined with creative and purposeful learning opportunities have removed the frustration of school from our son. The children are set up to succeed, driving their curiosity and allowing for long lasting learning skills. The one on one time ensures that students understand what they are being asked to do and have the tools needed to succeed in a timely matter. My son loves all the free time that he now has available in the evening which used to be allocated to finishing incomplete class work. And the best part is his renewed natural curiosity compels him to use that free time for more learning!  He is not frustrated, I’m not frustrated and our time together is fun again.  My son also loves all the extra curricular activities that are built into the school day at March Academy. His kinesthetic needs are being met, further sharpening his ability to focus during desk learning and his creativity is given outlets allowing him to see what a unique and truly special person he is.” – March Academy parent

“I love March Academy. My favorite part is all my new friends. At my old school there was so many mean kids. I think it is because there was so many kids in the class and the teachers and students couldn’t handle it. I also love that the teacher can spend more time with me since classes are smaller. So if I need help I can ask. Every day we have so much fun!” – Grade 5 student at March Academy