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How big is your child’s school?  Many elementary schools in Kanata have more than 500 students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 – one local school has over 175 students in Kindergarten alone.  Some Grade 7 to 12 schools in our area have over 2,000 students.

At March Academy we admit a maximum of 32 students and we’re proud of this!  

Here are 5 reasons why 32 is perfect for us and our families:

  1. Manners are important to us.  We work hard in partnership with families to foster manners, morals and perseverance in our students.  Guest teachers, field trip guides and teachers at receiving schools consistently let us know that March Academy students demonstrate a high level of respect towards learning and being good people in society.
  2. Every one of our students has kind, nurturing friends at school.  Of course, some students have minor disagreements with each other over the year, but these issues are resolved quickly with the right about of adult attention and coaching.  Friendship is an important skill that is fostered and attended to at March Academy.
  3. In many schools it is common to have a Kindergarten or Grade 4 to 8 class with 32 children.  We have no more than 32 children in our whole school!  With that in mind, students we have created an excellent program to address the ‘whole child’ with an exceptional student to adult ratio.  Our staff and committed volunteers work as a team to engage all learners every day.  Truly, no one is left behind.
  4. Our school yard is a lovely large, open green space that could easily accommodate 150 students.  With 32 students there is more than enough space for active games, quiet games and even places for personal reflection.  Did you know that our students learn to cross-county ski in our yard?
  5. Our students support each other, take leadership and demonstrate empathy with each other on a daily basis.  Ranging in age from 6 years to 13 years old, our students are one big family who look out for each other.

Learn more about The March Academy Way and how we can work with you to create the perfect education for your child.  Partner with us to raise happy, healthy children.  Be one of our 32.

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