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How physically active is your child in this era of personal devices and gaming systems?  Health Canada recommends that “Children and youth get at least 60 minutes a day of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity.(  Unfortunately, many children and families find it difficult to meet this 60 minute-a-day goal.  We believe that March Academy can help.

Research has shown a connection between increased levels of physical activity and better academic achievement, better concentration, better classroom behavior, and more focused learning.  Other benefits include improvements in mental health and well-being, physical capacity, self-concept, and the ability to cope with stress.  (The Ontario Curriculum:  Health and Physical Education Grades 1-8, Queen’s Printer for Ontario; 2019)

At March Academy, we balance our school days with structured and unstructured opportunities for children to move.  During our 45-minute daily recess, children are supervised and play child-initiated games such as capture the flag, soccer and freeze tag.  During the winter, snow fort building and cross-country skiing are popular physical activities at March Academy.  In the spring, children enjoy skipping rope and playing in the sandbox.  Our large beautiful yard gives children the space to run and play freely.  Playground disputes and issues between children are rare because we explicitly teach our students the skills to get along with each other.  Daily outdoor recess at March Academy is truly a peaceful, playful time for everyone.

Our 45-minute structured physical education class is taught by an Ontario Certified Teacher.  In the fall and spring, students set personal running goals and learn proper running technique.  Cross-country skiing is taught and enjoyed by all in the winter months.  Active games and strength building exercises are part of phys. ed. classes throughout the year.  As well, every week, our students participate in two specialized hour-long classes:  yoga and taekwondo.  These classes are taught by qualified instructors from the area.  These structured activities provide the students at March Academy with many health benefits such as increased stamina, improved flexibility, improved concentration, greater self-discipline, and increased self-awareness.

Most importantly our goal is to provide all students with a variety of movement activities in order to develop healthy habits for life.  Learn more about how we work with families to raise happy, healthy children The March Academy Way by visiting our website:

Below are some tips to encourage physical activity in your family.  

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